Agricultural Services

Based in the heartland, Xtreme Coating Systems has been working closely with confinement contractors, farmers and producers in defending against the harsh, corrosive issues with feed, manure, urine, as well as high traffic, high impact wear and tear from hoofs.  We specialize both in preventative systems for new construction as well as high build repair systems for areas of serious deterioration.  Do you have a short turn around time?  No problem.  We have systems that put you back in service the very same day.

Client Needs

  • Decorative/Aesthetics

  • Waterproofing

  • Slip Resistance

  • Repair/Restoration

  • Ease of Cleaning

  • Low Maintenance

  • Low Odor/VOC

  • UV Resistance

  • High Traffic

  • High Impact

  • USDA Approved

  • LEED Eligibility

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Anti-Microbial

  • Moisture Mitigation


  • Hog Slats

  • Milk House Floors

  • Parlors

  • Carousels

  • Meat Processing

  • Slaughter/Kill Plants


  • High Build Epoxy

  • Urethane Cement

  • Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic (MMA)

  • Joint Filling

  • Crack Repair

  • Concrete Hardener/Densifier

  • Re-grade & Re-slope

  • Steel Coatings

  • Ceramic Insulation

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