Concrete. The big gray sponge.  The most used building material in the world, concrete is functional, economical and can be molded and cast into any shape required for the application.  Concrete, however, is a very porous, highly permeable material, which means water can penetrate and flow through it with ease.  This causes deterioration over time, especially when the water contains dissolved, yet highly aggressive chemical contaminants such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorides and sulfates.  In addition to it’s exposure to water, what many people don’t know is much of the deterioration found in concrete is due to the changing in it’s pH level.  As we know, pH is measured 0-14 with 7 being neutral, anything under 7 being on the acidic side and anything over 7 being on the alkaline side.  Good solid concrete is high in pH (alkaline).  When concrete pH measures near neutral or less, that means the concrete is either starting to deteriorate or already has been deteriorating for some time.

We are fighting both the outside elements as well as the natural changing chemistry of the concrete itself.  How do we stop this?!  Xtreme Coating Systems has the answer: Integral Crystalline Waterproofing Technology from Foxfire Enterprises out of Waco, TX.  We are able to provide years of proven success and case studies at your request.  Unlike so many products on the market that are topical, Foxfire P-1007 penetrates the concrete 2-4″ depending on porosity and creates a permanent, non-membrane, breathable concrete surface.  Whether the application is a residential home foundation, driveway, airport runway, bridge, damn or parking garages, the life of the concrete is extended through the following:
  • Penetrates into concrete substrate filling cracks and capillary tracts
  • Self-healing
  • Breathable
  • Hydrophilic & resists hydrostatic pressures
  • Permanent waterproofing and chemical resistance
  • Becomes part of the concrete, cannot come apart, tear, or puncture
  • Cost effective & easy to apply
  • Can be applied from positive or negative side
  • Will not sustain mold or mildew due to it’s high pH
  • Increases compressive strength of the concrete (crystals reinforce capillary system)
  • Wide range of protection (chlorides, sulfates & nitrates) freeze thaw cycles, corrosion of steel, sea water and carbonates.
We are a leading installer of Foxfire Crystalline Waterproofing in the U.S. with equipment capable of all job sizes large and small.  Please contact us for more information!